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Chase Bank Complaint - Overdraft ripoff - not protection! - overdraft
Chase Bank Complaint

Chase Bank Complaint


Overdraft ripoff - not protection! - overdraft

Dear Customer Service,

These are very difficult times especially for someone 61 years of age and on unemployment like me. It is very difficult living in a society where rules are designed to take your money. Poor people have no protection. This is not the first time that I have experience bad business practices from your bank.

Last Wednesday I was short of cash so I thought I would purchase a NYC Metro card thinking I had about 6 dollars left in my account. I needed money for food until my unemployment check was deposited in my account. I discovered later that the purchase of a $2.25 metro card cost me $32. I asked the Chase bank clerk today “if I did not have sufficient money in my account why was I able to purchase the metro card in the first place”. He told me that it was a service to protect me from being embarrassed in the case of not being able to pay for a small item. This policy does not protect me at all. I was not able to pay may rent on Friday and was $32 short.

If I do not have money in my account I do not want any overdraft protection at all. I am on a very limited budget and the $32 that you took from me is totally unsettling my budget where every dollar counts. I need my money back.

This is appalling in that a $2.25 purchase is costing me $32.00. This practice does not protect me – in puts money in your pocket at my expense.

I was also informed by the bank clerk that it was not the first time this had happened. The first time the fee is $25. I asked if I could have a print out showing the first time I was charged for an overdraft. I wanted to see what the purchase was – so that I could compare it to how much I spent.

It is obvious that this policy is deceitful and crooked.


Linda Fletcher

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missyarkie says: (6 years ago)
iam very unhappy with the chase bank didn't listen to me at all.. they keep on overdraft fees over $2,000 for no reason !!! i email to them to stop it and talked to the chase bank office to stop it..Becuase of my socail sercurity too small money how to pay my mortgage they are unable to help me..iam so sad to process my home is foreclosursed..i got a letter from them saying me have to pay $2,000..it's worse awful! i won't pay that why they hurt me so much due forclosusre soon..i want them to pay my mortgage...i told them to have to close my account,but they refused close my account and first pay in full..i informed my socail sercuirty already stop to straight to the chase bank anymore..

WF566163 says: (8 years ago)
Take your money out of Chase. There's better banks out there, more pincipled ones at least. As this poster stated Chase insisted overdraft protection was to spare their clients from embarassment. Gowever, if you cancelled your overdraft protection over the summer, they indiscriminately sent out a letter in August saying that even though you had cancelled, they were sending you this letter to let you know that they would still have overdraft protection on renumertaing(monthly) online credit card purchases. This is an outrage and questionaly legal. If overdraft protection's purpose was to spare embarassment then why continue it solely for online purchases where the transaction is impersonal and there's no way to be embarassed. Stand up to Chase. Take your money out. Below is a list of banks competing with Chase, all of whom are more trustworthy and principled than this bank has proven itself to be.

WF566163 says: (8 years ago)
Chase bank is indeed scamming customers out of money. Close down your account. There are better, more trustworthy banks out there. I receieved a fine after telling them I didn't want overdraft protection,because they sent a letter to my previous address saying I'd still have overdraft protection on online credit card purchases that were for continiual monthly fees, i.e- a magazine subscription. Now, if Chase has overdraft protection to protect their clients from embarassment, as they have stated, why would they allow it now for only online credit card purchases where you could not be embarassed because the transaction is impersonal. Stand up to chase. Take your money out. Copy and past in as many of these msg boards as you can your bad experiences with Chase. Don't be fooled or believe you don't have a voice.

bankFucker says: (9 years ago)
Chase processes large transactions first because market research shows that people on the average have 1 0r 2 large items each month, rent, car, etc. They know that if they clear one large item first there's more of a chance that many small items won't clear, thus being able to collect multiple $35 fees.

donza says: (9 years ago)
I was a wamu customer since i was 14 years now. Im almost 28 now and i have been forced to use chase and have had nothing but issues. Pending charges and cleared charges bounce around my statement, it seems to catch any overdraft fee they can. I have a 7 year old daughter with Rett Syndrome and iv been on unemployment since january and unable to find a job. Every dollar means the world to me.

This week i have spent hours on the phone trying to figure out the issue. TODAY i logged on to my online banking and someone, (there was no name on the charges) deposited $1300 in my account and IMMEDIATELY turned around and took it out. When i confronted a manger about this, she blew it off, was very rude and didn't seem to want to help or talk to me at all.

Its funny to watch my account total fluctuate 5-50 dollars off of what should be there. This week their unwarranted overdraft fees ate my entire unemployment check and left me $100 short from paying my utilities this month.

Im now looking to close my account with chase and move to a local credit union.

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